Current Offerings

In the United States, Nida Corporation and SpaceTEC Partners are the leaders in practical training and skills testing systems for Avionics Technicians.  With support from both specialists, Concord AeroTech can meet critical avionics training and testing needs of international and domestic airlines.

SpaceTEC Partners is an Aerospace Education Resource Center for the National Science Foundation.  It is the only organization to be approved by the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation to administer exams for Aerospace Technician certifications.  Now, under contract to ASTM International, SpaceTEC manages training approvals, exam development, and test administration for the NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) program.

Concord AeroTech is a SpaceTEC Testing Center with approval to administer exams for CertTEC Basic Electricity & Electronics (BEE), CertTEC Advanced Electricity & Electronics (AAE),  NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET written),  and CertTEC Aircraft Electronics Technician Practical Skills (AET practical) certifications.  All related training is offered.  In 2018, much more will be added.

Link to SpaceTEC and its CertTEC Division
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