Introducing EASA Standards

In 2018, with Nida Corporation practical training and testing capabilities featured, Concord AeroTech will work with the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) to establish one of the world's first B2L Avionics Technician programs.

On satisfying a work requirement, holders of the B2L license will be eligible to receive the EASA B2 Avionics Technician certificate.  Options will be tailored to the needs of individual airlines or aviation universities.

Nida Corporation’s course content, systems, and equipment makes it possible for Concord AeroTech to offer practical Avionics Technician job skills training and testing to EASA standards in exceptionally-effective ways.  Included is a fully-integrated, electronic Quality Management System with Student/Instructor Management System.

For practical skills training, the same Nida Corporation systems and equipment are used currently by The Boeing Company, many other major organizations, and all five branches of the US military.